Kissing Tree Custom Lighting


Kissing Tree Community- Activities Center, 2018

San Marcos, TX United States


This project is decorative lighting for a vibrant 55+ community center in San Marcos, TX. It  includes a large 26 piece custom chandelier featuring our Oceanstone pattern over the main bar area, and a European inspired, ceiling mounted cylinder display.  


The goal for the project was to seamlessly incorporate hand blown glass into modern lighting. A major statement piece needed to be created for over the bar area. After looking at the initial concept, it was thought there was a need to incorporate color as well. In the kitchen, several concept pieces were presented as an idea for a small installation. A ceiling mounted cluster was needed as it does not block the statement copper hood. 

Original concept image from MAI

Original concept image from MAI


Working closely with Amy Wittenbach, an interior designer at MAI, we were looking to incorporate handmade glass into the colorful, modern industrial theme at Kissing Tree. 

The chandelier over the bar is a custom fixture designed by Hubbardton Forge. Conceived as rods of light, some color needed to be included for it to really be a statement in it's colorful surroundings. Our team at Wimberley Glassworks helped to specify the parts and sizes need to successfully incorporate glass into the custom chandelier. Due to the thickness of the glass, the diameters needed to be carefully considered to not overwhelm the fixture but also to allow the locking ring that holds glass to go on securely in place and fit a light bulb. The lightbulbs that were chosen are medium base, candle shaped (B11) in 5000K or "Daylight" to bring out the blues in the glass.

Original prototype parts

Original prototype parts

The piece in the kitchen is again speaking to the modern industrial theme of the overall space, while keeping in mind the European feel of the kitchen. Simple clear glass was chosen with our WGW Universal Flush Mount in White. Cylinders were made variety of lengths and diameters to bring some whimsy and provide another texture in the space while not taking away from the statement copper vent hood and bright accents. The light bulbs were key on this application because they are visable through the clear glass. Vintage style T10 LED bulbs from Satco complete the industrial look. 

Additional Info

Oceanstone is one of our newest standard color patterns and the custom Meyda flush mounts are a permanent part of our WGW Collection. Please see our Lighting Catalog for more information.  

Project Team

ARCHITECT: MAI (Marsh & Associates, Inc.) Architecture/Planning/Interiors

BUILDER: Brookfield Residential

INDUSTRY RESOURCE: Hubbardton Forge, Meyda Lighting, Satco Lighting