"The Jewel" Project


Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women, 2010

Houston, TX United States

Artwork Budget: $89,000


The art glass lighting design above the main lobby information desk of Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women, is comprised of a twenty one 26" high by 12" diameter flattened pod shaped glass shades on custom designed and fabricated pendants. A smaller version with twenty one 18" high by 8" diameter shades is located on the third floor above the check-in desk.


Our task was to imagine a show piece considered The Jewel of the hospital that would define a space of calm and beauty. To this end we create an art installation that elegantly drapes down like an elaborate necklace, gently guiding patients to the information desk beneath it. Research was done in-house as to desired shade shapes and color preferences. Wimberley Glassworks custom designed the pendant to support the weight of the blown glass shades, reinforced by airline cable to meet earthquake standards should the fixture fail. Additionally, there was a need for the socket and bulb to be positioned at center to the shade versus at the top. All pendants were engineered, with licensed custom fabrication, meeting UL listing.


Final designs evolved through several meetings with Jim O'Neill, the owner of Inventure Design, an interiors architectural firm based in Houston, and the client. Certain budget constraints were adhered to, along with LEED requirements.

Additional Info

As a turn-key project, a light box positioning schematic and assembly drawings were provided, with installation being completed by onsite electricians.

Project Team


Jim O'Neill
Inventure Design


Tim de Jong
Wimberley Glassworks


Champion Lighting