"Texas Oak Chandelier" Project


Granite Park Three, 2006

Plano, TX United States

Artwork Budget: $750,000


The Texas Oak Tree installations are a series of three blown glass lighting and sculpted metal chandeliers, two of which are fourteen feet in diameter, holding sixty-one light shades, weighing 1,800 pounds. The elevator lobby chandelier is twenty-nine feet long by eight feet wide. The glass pattern of these inverted tree series provides a canopy of green during the day and blues of dusk during the night.


The client wanted to create a notable and meaningful chandelier to help brand their corporate headquarters with elements taken from nature in the Texas Hill Country. Choosing the Oak, symbolizing a timeless tree, this project’s challenge was designing an oak tree that grew out of the ceiling that would be built in such a way as to fit through the door of the building. A modular construction, ease of assembly, and an atmosphere of wonder and discovery, were the main components of the installation.


The seven year collaboration of WGW owner and artisan Tim deJong with renowned metalworker, Jimmy Harwell, reached new heights in 2006 with the creation of three Texas Oak Chandeliers. Architects came to meet in WGW mockup studio to brainstorm collectively with color samples provided. The trunk of the piece was installed first, being built into the structure of the building, then branch sections followed. After six months, joint efforts produced three extraordinary chandeliers.

Additional Info

This LEED installation is UL listed and meets all safety standards.

Project Team


Boka Powell


Wimberley Glassworks


Jimmy Harwell


Tim de Jong