"Solar Ray" Project


Wimberley Glassworks, 2016

San Marcos, TX United States

Artwork Budget: $40,000


Created with 221 pieces of glass and spanning 144 square feet, Solar Ray is a graceful assemblage of textural glass. Daylight streams through the glass, allowing the three distinct textures and unique contours to glisten. Custom white aircraft cable and white hardware allow the piece to appear as if it is floating effortlessly in the space. At night the piece is ignited with an auroral display of color against a dark sky. Playing off the tower’s architecture, as it arches toward the sun, this installation exemplifies how the Glassworks’ designs create wonderment in public spaces.


The goal of the art installation is to create a colorful focal point at night that is just as vibrant as the yellow tower is during the day that catches people’s eye from the road. The inspiration for the shape and the placement of the pieces took cues from the architecture of the tower itself; the angle of the installation mimics the angle of the roof line, the tips of the “wings” curve up to the tops of the windows, and it angles perfectly into the corner above the door. The white walls not only allowed for the colored light to be as vibrant as possible, but it allowed the hardware to completely blend into the architecture including the cable, grippers, and cove for the lighting, as not to distract from the delicateness of this particular art installation.


Owned and operated in the Texas Hill Country for over 20 years, Wimberley Glassworks had become the Southwest’s premier art and lighting glass studio, yet lacked an art installation of their own. This art installation was created for the foyer of the 6,500 square foot facility in Wimberley, Texas where glass blowing demonstrations are hosted daily in the studio for travelers and art glass enthusiasts from around the world. This installation was a collaboration between all the different members of the team; owner, designer, and artists that worked in concert to bring this installation together.

Project Team


Wimberley Glassworks


Tim de Jong
Wimberley Glassworks