"Emerald Canopy" Project


Granite Park One, 2016

Plano, TX United States

Artwork Budget: $68,000


Edged in shimmering golden glass, these exquisite inverted pendants create a subtle viridian canopy above the entryway of Granite Park One. The rich visual impact of this new installation is created with a mere 26 tear drop shaped glass shades with 4 matching wall sconces set at eye level. This lighting renovation was completed with virtually no structural adjustments, integrating beautifully and easily into the existing architecture.


The goal of this project was to integrate an existing lobby with a newly renovated one on the other side of the building. The piece is used to visually tie the spaces together and make it feel as though the building has always been that way. Integrating the piece into the existing structure was made easier by using lighting integral to the glass, so the same effect could be achieved in both the new and original lobbies. The glass pattern is inspired by the existing wood and colors in the space.


The choice to go with integral lighting, resulted in having to work closely with both the construction and electrical teams, to ensure both the design and structural needs were met before being able to install the glass in the building. Due to the lighting components, the piece was installed by the electrical contractor.

Additional Info

Each pendant fixture was outfitted with a 12W, 75W equivalent 4000K LED A-lamp, and each sconce uses a 20W 4000K integrated circular LED light engine, bringing the total power consumption for the project to 392W.

Project Team


Wimberley Glassworks


Boka Powell


Jim Barron
Granite Properties, Inc.